Online Membership Application

Joining FGI is simple. FGI offers Executive and Associate Level Memberships. Regional applicants become members of The Fashion Group International, Inc., headquartered in New York City, and the Regional Group. Approved applicants are entitled to all local and global benefits of FGI membership.


To begin the online membership application process, click on “apply here” at right. Then select the level that best describes your background. Completing the application will take 10-15 minutes. An application can also be downloaded and upon completion, forwarded to the regional contact via mail or fax.


A full explanation of the Application Approval Process can be found at the bottom of the Online Membership Application page.


Each regional group decides the direction of their student outreach which may include student membership, a student Career Day or scholarship program.


For information about FGI activities in your area, contact the San Antonio regional group.